Navitel NX 5210

Manufacturer: Navitel
Model: NX 5210
Type: Automobile
Computing platform:
(operating system)
Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Core
Navigation software and maps
Program: Navitel Navigator
Dimensions (mm):
(width x height x thickness)
125x80x13 mm
Weight (g): 163 g
Processor Type: MediaTek
Clock Frequency (MHz): 468
Random access memory (RAM) (MB): 128
Read-only memory (ROM) (MB): 4096
Chipset: Atlas IV
Number of channels: 66
Support: Bluetooth, GSM
Screen Size: 5
Screen Resolution (px): 480 x 272
Output audio: FM-transmitter, Headphone output 3.5, Speakerphone, Mono
Features: Flash-player, SMS, Web browser, audio, video, additional programs, games, Connect a rear view camera, photo
Management and input
Management touch-sensitive screen
Memory Cards: microSD
Connectors: AV-input, miniUSB
Operation time:
(according to the manufacturer)
Operation time:
(according to the users)
Features: Transmission of information about traffic jams, through GPRS connection to the Internet via Bluetooth DUN modem with GPRS modem mobile phone. Access to the Internet. Calculator, universal converter, calendar, watch. mount navigator on the dashboard or windshield car. included Commonwealth Navitel Map: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Includes options pedestrian, public transport, taxis, trucks considering prohibiting signs. Map search based on housing, construction, ownership. Warning the user that places of potential danger on the roads, and about speed cameras (SPEEDCAM). Exclusive menu NAVITEL. Perpetual, free map update and software. Support maps with 3D objects. The ability to install other software and maps
Options: Navigator, automobile holder on the windshield or car panel, charger from a car cigarette lighter, AC charger device 220V, USB cable, stylus, video cable for rear view camera, protective cover corporate,instruction in russian language